Rihards and Raivo

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Rihards and Raivo


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Just recently we have visited the family of Raivo and Rihards. The elder brother, twelve-year-old Raivo, welcomes us with interest and smile. He is readily sitting for a photo and tells in short sentences about LEGO, the theatre performance he will visit in the evening together with his parents, and is continuously kissing his sweet mommy. Raivo’s health problems started at the age of three, when he experienced a seizure episode, when he was ill. At first, his parents believed that it was caused by strong medicine, but as time went by, new indications of the disease were revealed pointing out to more serious health problems.

Raivo has recently changed his school and has not found any friends yet, but he is willingly displaying emotions – both joy and anger. It is hard for him to hold attention for hours, because everything happing and seen around him seems more important and interesting.

Until this moment, Raivo has already attended various rehabilitation and treatment classes – reittherapy, dolphin therapy, music therapy, Montessori classes. After dolphin therapy Raivo has become more self-assured and more independent, therefore, his parents would want to repeat this therapy again, because right now Raivo needs assistance, constant supervision and care in his daily life, therefore his mother cannot go to work, however, in an attempt to secure means of subsistence the family is developing its own business selling amber articles.

Raivo’s diagnosis – childhood autism and moderate mental retardation with serious behavioural disorders. Raivo wants to start ABA therapy, which today is considered the most effective method of work with children having autism spectrum disorders.

When his parents had accepted and had become aware of their son’s real health condition, they decided to have another child. Five years ago, his brother Rihards was born. At the age of three, the parents started to notice non-compliances with age standards in the behaviour of Rihards and sought medical assistance. The boy was as if living in his own world and did not pay attention what was going on around him. During our visit Rihards is also embarrassed, because he crying, afraid, when he sees unknown people, because he does not like visits of doctors. Rihards likes to watch animation films on TV or computer most of all, therefore, doctors recommend to use available computer programmes it as a tool for treatment / personal development to hold his attention.

Rihards is crumpling his favourite rag to calm down. Since Rihards is not talking, he is pulling on his mother’s clothes, hair and arms to attract attention and to show what he wants.

This year, Rihards started to attend a kindergarten, where he is successfully learning how to take care of himself, but does not establish friendships and does not get involved in classes. Rihards does not make eye contact and avoids caress and hugging from parents, even when his heart is in pain.

Rihards’ diagnosis – moderate mental retardation and autism spectrum disorders.

Their mother attends classes at a children’s hospital to learn how to work with the children and ease her day.

Until now the parents managed to do everything themselves with the help of grandparents, pledged their apartment, sold different things, worked to the point of exhaustion – were doing everything to be able to provide treatment to their children and seek for opportunities to improve their condition and ease their day.




For both boys to attend:

* ABA therapy – 25EUR per visit for Rihards x twice a week = EUR 2400 per year are necessary

30EUR per visit for Raivo x twice a week = EUR 2880 per year are necessary

*Dolphin therapy – approximate costs of dolphin therapy, including transportation EUR 5000



Rihards and Raivo need EUR 10280 / 13000 USD for their rehabilitation course


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