Board of Directors

Our board of directors primarily function as a fiduciary, acting on behalf of the children promises are made to and our donors, our lifeblood.


For six years now, I have been one of the strong girls of the Palīdzē team.

I started out as a volunteer, but with time I became more convinced that I made the correct choice, and that I wanted to achieve our goals.

I graduated with an economics degree, and I had worked in leadership positions, but I found myself unfulfilled by the empty promises to business partners and customers. I decided to go looking for more fulfilling work, or a hobby. Ever since I was young, I always loved supporting other people, and animals. I would aid animals, families and seniors through activities such as visiting their homes, providing food or simply spending time with them. Through my current job, I feel like I live every day to make life easier for others, and it fills my heart with joy.

The work we do such as attracting funding and implementing various support programs brings me joy, and strength to improve. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful to all of our supporters for making these charity projects possible. Without their support, I would not be able to see the children and their parents’ bright smiles…

Every small step makes the world brighter!



I am a married mother of two children, and I realized that I wanted to help children who are in need, or denied opportunities.

My goal is to not to make everything perfect, but to make everyday life colorful and hopeful. My life has not been easier, therefore I know and understand what it means to raise a sick child. I know what it’s life to lose him or her.

Through my work, I want to show people that life must be lived as long as god allows us and we must live it however well we can.