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moderate mental retardation


ABA therapy and a dolphin therapy


Horse riding

$100 of $6000

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Emīlija has childhood autism and is diagnosed with moderate mental retardation. Emīlija is now 9 years old and in Grade 3 at a special school.

The story of Emīlija’s mother:
As parents, we are most happy that Emīlija is opening up more and more to new things: events, places and – most importantly – people. She has become much more confident, self-assured, and independent. Emīlija goes to school every day – she loves it. It is an environment where she is accepted for who she is. The learning process is individualised, according the capacities and needs of every child.

So the objectives and goals set for Emīlija are clear and achievable for her. Every success brings joy to her and, of course, us. And there is such success at least once every day.

We are glad that Emīlija has a friend, best friend, in her class. She learns together with her, does sports and misbehaves together, and of course, at times they have an argument. We are glad to see how they hug each other when they meet, to see their joy to see each other, especially after the summer break.

Emīlija still loves singing. Her repertoire is now very rich. She also makes up her own songs. And she enjoys performing in public. Two years ago, this seemed unreal to us.

Emīlija still loves animals – all animals. She pets all stray cats in Ikšķile. In the countryside, she spends a lot of time with hens – she wants to teach them how to fly, without any good results so far. This summer she tried angling as well. Emīlija caught the biggest fish. For several Sundays now, Emilia and her parents have been going to an animal shelter to walk the dogs.

Once a week we go to horse riding lessons. Emīlija loves it and is doing very well. She listens and follows the instructor’s directions perfectly.
Plus, Emīlija must have been a mermaid once – water is her element. There are no warm days in summer without swimming. Rain is not a problem, as long as the water is not cold.

Continuation of ABA therapy is essential to consolidate the development and move forward. We also believe that dolphin therapy would be a very positive experience for Emīlija, which would significantly improve her recovery.

EUR 2,160 are required to ensure at least one year of ABA therapy for Emīlija (EUR 180 per month).And EUR 3,500 for a dolphin therapy course. Totally EUR 5660 / USD 6000

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