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Agate lives near Riga, in Adazi with her parents and sister


severe tympanitis


Dolphin therapy for Agate


Agate likes art, especially painting

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Many have come to know Agate Kalnina as a kind, active and joyful girl not only via Palīdzē events, but elsewhere as well. Agate is an open, honest and very active girl. She proves to us all that things can be done if you believe it with all your heart and do it!

It has not been easy for Agate after the severe illness at the age of 8 months. Afterwards she also spent much time at a hospital because her health deteriorated. Completely unexpectedly she was taken to the hospital again, this time with a severe tympanitis of the right ear which already had a surgically placed cochlear hearing implant. It made everything more complicated! The doctors announced that surgery is necessary: pus had to be drained from the right ear. The surgery was performed, and it was successful. Tympanitis was successfully treated. We were confident that everything was for the better! While at the hospital, we learned that it is possible to perform a state-funded surgery for Agate’s left ear and to place a cochlear hearing implant in it as well. We did not think long and said yes! We agreed to the surgery because we knew that it would be an invaluable improvement of Agate’s life. The surgery was performed! Everything went as planned. Agate successfully uses two cochlear hearing implants already for 4 years. Thanks to the hearing implants, Agate can hear, understand what she has heard, and speak. Currently Agate can also read, write and memorise longer and shorter poems! She can even sing! Agate’s vocabulary still needs to be enriched greatly, but it can all be done by means of diligent work. Agate knows how to spell all the letters correctly, so her whole speech is correct and easily understood.

Agate went to a normal PEI (pre-school education institution), danced folk dances, sung in an ensemble, attended ceramics classes, learned how to play piano at “Yamaha” music school, and also learns about other musical instruments and still does it; she enjoys it, and it helps her development. We go to various other classes for comprehensive development, and it is almost impossible to list them all. Part of these classes can be attended thanks to our donors.

Agate began her schooling this academic year, and she studies at Riga Primary School “Valodina”. Speech therapists work with children each day, and it is a mandatory necessity of life for children with hearing and speech problems. We are deeply thankful to this school and its teachers that work with such children.
Agate greatly enjoys horse riding therapy which significantly improves her general health. Horse riding therapy and rehabilitation courses improve Agate’s posture, helps to prevent problems in walking and balance.

Horses also calm Agate down and give her strength for each day when she has to work a lot, so horse riding therapy sessions are very necessary for us.

Now and then Agate is tormented by mystical, unexplained vertigos. Medically we seem to have examined everything, but doctors have not been able to find the cause. The doctors suspected epilepsy seizures, but fortunately this diagnosis was not confirmed. We looked for various additional possibilities to help Agate get rid of vertigos that caused her problems. We began to attend an osteopath with a hope that perhaps this specialist could help. And so it happened! There have been no vertigos since our visits to the osteopath.

Agate enjoys the abstract painting with paints and fingers, and we think that she is good at it! Paintings are done in her special style – Agate’s style. Paintings filled with colours and emotions decorate the walls in our house, as well as those of our relatives! We believe that only children can paint like that.

Agate is working diligently and relentlessly. Even though sometimes it comes very, very hard, yet she never gives up!

Agate is a very emotional girl, yet she is also strong and gifted with much willpower. She is working with a commitment of 100%, and so she receives also benefit of 100%. Her story of life is a real miracle of nature, and both doctors and us call Agate our wonder child! Despite all severe medical diagnoses, she can walk, hear, speak, and behold – she LIVES…….!

Agate’s clinical diagnosis:

Unspecified septicaemia.
Subdural empyema.
Bacterial meningoencephalitis.
Secondary cerebral infarction at ACM sinistral area.
Acute symptomatic cramps.
Hemiparesis of the right side.
Cranioplasty (on the left side of the frontal bone).
Cochlear hearing implants in both ears.

Thanks to donors, Agate visited dolphins in Odessa rehabilitation centre “NEMO” in the end of 2014, and in Minsk “NEMO” in the spring of 2019. After dolphin therapies, Agate had significant health improvements, so it would be wonderful to go and see dolphins once more.

Agate likes dolphins very much, so that currently her biggest dream is to visit them once more and hug them.

Total costs of dolphin therapy (including transport) are USD 3500 / EUR 3000.

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